Reverse Expenditure/Reverse Cash Transmittal Process

Checks received as payback for reported expenditures (e.g., refunds from a vendor or subcontractor) should be endorsed and deposited along with other check deposits via the direct deposit Cash Transmittal process.

Expenditure credits must be posted only to the budgets that incurred the expense initially, with the exception of grant and contract continuation budgets set up for the same award.  **Violations can result in audit findings.**

Contact for instructions on completing a deposit and cash transmittal.

Reverse Expenditure Tips

  • Assign the refund credit to the same budget number and expenditure/object code of the original expense being refunded when filing out the cash transmittal form. A continuation budget number on the same award, if applicable, may be used if the original budget is closed.
  • Checks should be prepared for deposit immediately upon receipt and stored in a secure location.
  • The direct deposit process should be used for all checks and cash received in the department except sponsor payments on grants and contracts. See our web page on how to process checks for more information.
  • For additional information regarding direct deposits, see the Banking & Accounting Operations web pages on check and cash deposits and cash handling policy (link opens in new tab).
  • Questions or requests for training should be directed to