UPDATE: Temporary process change due to COVID!

Please DO NOT drop off checks in person. Instead, mail sponsor payment check deposits to:

University of Washington
Grant & Contract Accounting
12455 Collections Drive
Chicago, IL 60693-0001

Be sure to write the budget number near the memo line of the check and forward all supporting documentation to gcacash@uw.edu.

Internal Controls (Usual Process)

  • Two people should open the mail.
  • Record all checks (link opens in new tab) in a check log at the time of receipt.
  • Endorse checks with a UW endorsement stamp at the time of receipt:
  • Lock checks in a safe place, such as a lock box or safe.
  • Deliver checks to central offices daily if possible, or at least weekly at a minimum.
  • Reconcile check log entries to Budget Activity Reports (BARs) on a timely basis. Investigate and resolve differences between the check log and the BAR.
  • Maintain segregation of duties (link opens in new tab): assign a minimum of two personnel to handle cash and checks.

Delivery to Central Offices (Usual Process)

Checks in Payment of Invoices Prepared by GCA

Drop off:
4300 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98105

Mail to:
University of Washington
Grant & Contract Accounting
Box 354966
Seattle, WA 98195-4966

Checks in Payment of New Awards/Supplements to Existing Awards

Send the original check to GCA at the addresses above. Send a copy of the check and a cover memo to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), preferably as a PDF in an email to osp@uw.edu.

Checks Received as Refunds

Checks received as refunds from a vendor or subcontractor should be deposited via direct deposit using the Cash Transmittal process. The Banking & Accounting Operations (BAO) website has more information on preparing deposits (link opens in new tab).

Checks Received for Established Program Income Budgets

Send the check to GCA at the addresses above.

Checks Received as Gift/Discretionary Donations

These checks should be sent to Gift Services, Box 359505, 98195-9505, along with any documentation that arrived with the check and the envelope in which the check arrived. Gifts submitted for processing must be accompanied by a Gift Transmittal Form (link opens in new tab). See the Gift Services Guidelines (link opens in new tab) for additional details, and for information on processing cash donations.

If You're Not Sure...

If you are unsure of the appropriate disposition of a check but have information that it might relate to a grant or contract, please contact GCA at gcahelp@uw.edu or forward the check, along with all available identifying information (budget number, grant/contract number, and PI name) to GCA for deposit. The check will be deposited into the University's bank account and placed in a suspense account pending receipt of additional information.

If you have information that a check might relate to a gift account, please contact Gift Services (link opens in new tab) or refer to the instructions that accompany the Gift Transmittal Form (link opens in new tab).