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Journal Vouchers

What is a Journal Voucher (JV)?
JVs are forms used to process accounting entries. They are primarily used for fund transfers and corrections. Many central offices process JVs. To determine which office to contact about a JV, use the following link:

Many offices process JVs. GCA processes JVs numbered 5000 – 84999, as well as all JVCs, JVGs, JVMs, JVRs and JVEs. Effective March 1, 2016, GCA changed how we provide copies of JVs to campus. Historically, we sent paper JV copies to department box numbers for Indirect Cost Adjustments, Subcontract IDC Adjustments, Deficit Transfers, and certain Reverse JVs. Starting March 1, we began uploading these JV categories to GrantTracker. If you cannot locate a JV of this type issued on or after 3/1/16, please send a GrantTracker request or e-mail

Some JVs are generated electronically, for example:
1. when department moves expenditures using MyFD,
2. when department transfers deficits through Grant Tracker

There are no paper copies of these JVs.

Other Journal Voucher (JV) copies should be requested from the office that prepared the JV. The correct office can be determined by the alphanumeric identifying code. See this table for contacts by department.

JV transactions, whether generated by on paper or electronically, are listed in My Financial Desktop (MyFD) and the Electronic Data Warehouse (EDW). To view a JV in MyFD, expand the object code in which the JV posted by clicking on the plus sign by the object code heading. The NetID of the person who requested the JV is displayed in the Reference field in the column after the JV number.