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Journal Vouchers

What is a Journal Voucher (JV)?
JVs are forms used to process accounting entries. They are primarily used for fund transfers and corrections. Many central offices process JVs. To determine which office to contact about a JV, use the following link:

Journal Vouchers (JVs) are no longer paper-based and are submitted electronically in our financial system. If you require a copy of a JV, electronic copies are accessible via the Business Intelligence Portal (B.I. Portal) under the Journal Voucher Detail report.

If you have questions about your Journal Voucher please keep in mind that many offices process JVs (not just GCA). GCA does process the following JVs on a regular basis: Indirect Cost Adjustments, Subcontract IDC Adjustments, Deficit Transfers, and IRB fees.

To determine which department to contact with JV questions, use the chart found on the Financial Reporting Journal Voucher webpage, or use the Originating Area Code found in the Transaction Detail to find out who processed it.