Government Furnished Property (GFP) is property, which may be capital Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) or non-capital Government Furnished Materials (GFM) and which is owned by the Federal Government.  Acquisition of GFP is generally initiated by the PI for use on a specific research project during the duration of a grant or contract.   The PI who is responsible for tracking and inventorying same regardless of whether it is capital or non-capital..


  • The initial coordination of the acquisition of government furnished property should be coordinated between the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the awarding agency. These groups should provide the official paperwork and a list of property being furnished to the grant or contract.
  • OSP should contact Equipment Inventory with government furnished property information.
  • Equipment Inventory will then contact the department and work with them to ensure that any capital equipment is tagged and entered into OASIS for tracking during its use.
  • Regardless of the cost of the equipment or the length of time on loan, within 3-7 days after receipt (unless prior arrangements are made with EIO), department tags asset and enters it into OASIS as a "T" status asset.  The item should be treated the same as a newly purchased piece of equipment. See this page for details on the tagging process. The Requisition Number should be '0000000'. The Acquisition Method should be 'TR' for Transferred In.

    Note: The equipment should be tagged with a yellow government property tag in addition to a dark purple inventorial tag.

  • Equipment Inventory reviews the OASIS entry for complete information and approves the asset.
  • Department retains copies of agency agreement.
  • If the Government requires the University to provide insurance for damage or loss of the furnished equipment, department contacts the Office of Risk Management in sufficient time to review the possible insurance needs and to acquire any necessary insurance.
  • At the close of the grant or contract, the equipment is returned to the sponsor unless otherwise negotiated in the agreement.  A Property Activity Request - Form 1024 should be filled out and sent to Equipment Inventory along with a copy of shipping documents.

Forms Required

Signed Government Agreement


Last updated 02 October 2023