Internal Transfer is the transfer equipment from your department to another within the University, removing it from your department's records.  (You may give or sell it to the other department).  



  • Identifies items for transfer between UW departments.
  • If the equipment is federally owned or funded on current awards, the Department contacts EIO to arrange for sponsor approval. Please see this page for details.
  • If required sponsor approval is received, the Department negotiates with the other department about the price of the item, if any.
  • If you decide to sell the item instead of give it to another internal University department, submit a Journal Voucher to reassign funding for the negotiated amount. You may not process this payment using a CTI.  Note:  You may not use federal funds to purchase items that were originally bought with federal funds.  This would be billing the government twice for the same item.  Submit as follows:
    • Work with EIO to prepare the Journal Voucher form
    • Send the Journal Voucher request to and
    • EIO will send the Journal Voucher to
    • Initiates request for transfer by submitting a Property Activity Request - Form 1024 to Equipment Inventory.
      • Check Box A.  Complete the section by entering:
        • Name of new custodian, receiving department name, and mailing address.
        • Accountable budget number - the receiving department's budget number (used only to transfer accountability - no charge to the budget)
        • Contact Person - the person who is receiving the item and is able to answer questions 
        • Campus Phone Number - Contact Person
        • Transportation Requires - check "Yes" or "No"
        • Obtains a signature from authorized departmental approver (manager or higher) from both the transferring and the receiving departments.
      • Distributes copies of completed Property Activity Request - Form 1024.
  • Negotiates moving the property with the new owner department. Moving Services can help if the equipment is large.
  • Relocates the property according to agreement with new department.
  • Maintains copy of Property Activity Request - Form 1024 for 6 years.

Equipment Inventory:

  • Verifies that the Property Activity Request - Form 1024 is complete.  If any information is missing, returns the form to the department for completion.  Common information missing includes:
    • Illegible tag number(s)
    • Unauthorized signature(s)
    • Identical "Contact Person" and "Approved by" - these cannot be the same
    • No reason for disposal indicated
  • Process the completed form and removes the equipment from the department's inventory.
  • Maintains copy of Property Activity Request - Form 1024 for 6 years.
  • Prepares annual deletion reports and sends to departmental Head for review.

Last updated 02 October 2023