Standard Disposal, or Surplus Disposal is when a department disposes of equipment, materials, and supplies, whether inventorial or not, through the established procedure facilitated by the Surplus Property Department. Equipment Inventory removes the record of equipment from the department's inventory. The terms disposal and surplus are often used interchangeably.


  • It is important to enter tag numbers (both inventorial and non-inventorial) individually because this form serves as the official record used by the Equipment Inventory Office to remove assets from Workday. Failing to enter individual tag numbers may result in items being surplused but not removed from Workday. The department will then have to report the item as lost using the disposal process within Workday because there will be no official record of the items’ surplus.


The Department Identifies items for disposal/surplus (equipment, materials, and/or supplies). 

If the equipment is Federally or Agency owned or funded on current awards: Please go to this page for details on disposing of Federal and Agency equipment.

If the equipment is University owned, initiates request for disposal/surplus of all property (equipment and materials) through Surplus Property’s online surplus request form.

Equipment Inventory:

If the equipment is federally or agency owned or funded on current awards:

  • Works with the Department and the sponsor to obtain written instructions regarding how the equipment should be handled after award has closed.  
  • Provides necessary white tag to the Department to place over the Federal or Agency yellow tag.

If the equipment is University owned or after white tag has been placed over Federal or Agency yellow tag:

  • Receives electronic notification from Surplus Property that equipment has been picked up.
  • Verifies that the Supervisor’s UWNetID entered on the request is a manager or higher.  If unable to determine this, EIO will email the departmental administrator (or equivalent) for approval of the surplus disposal.  If no response is received from the administrator within two weeks of initial contact, EIO will escallate the situation to its assistant director.
  • Processes the notification and removes the equipment from the department's inventory.
  • Maintains electronic copy of notification from Surplus Property for 6 years.
  • Prepares annual deletion reports and sends to Departmental Head for review. 



Last updated 02 February 2024