Return to Vendor  is when a department sends tagged and inventoried equipment to the vendor and remove it from your department's records. 



  • Identifies item(s) to return to the vendor:
    • If you are returning the equipment for a "no-cost replacement" (direct replacement - no money involved):
      • Notify The Equipment Inventory Office (EIO) of the new tag number/serial number via an EIO note on OASIS or through email.
      • Return the equipment in the method you agreed upon with the vendor.  You may want to consider insuring the parcel.
      • No Property Activity Request - Form 1024 is needed.
    • If you are returning equipment for anything other than a "no-cost replacement" or "an outright sale to the vendor":
      • Follow the vendor's return goods policy.
      • Ensure item is received by the vendor.  We recommend each department develop an internal tracking process for this.

        Note: Procurement negotiates any credit or return with the vendor and the vendor issues the credit.

      • Verify that the credit arrived (on MyFD):
        • By budget number on MyFD

          Note: If the credit does not arrive within 60 days, contact Procurement Services.

      • Complete and submit a Property Activity Request - Form 1024 as detailed below.
    • If you are selling an item back to the vendor (this is VERY rare):
  • Completes and submits a Property Activity Request - Form 1024 to EIO.

    • Depending on type of return, completes the appropriate section:

      • If returning an item to vendor, completes Section C by entering "Return to Vendor" or checking the "Return to Vendor" box.
      • If selling an item back to the vendor, completes Section B (External Sale) and adds a comment to the "describe type of sale" section.  Sample comment is "This is a sale back to the vendor.  Sales price was determined by UW Surplus on XX/XX/XXXX." 
    • Obtains a signature from authorized department approver (manager or higher).
    • Distributes copies of completed Property Activity Request - Form 1024.
  • Ships the equipment to the vendor following the directions from Procurement Services.
  • Maintains copy of Property Activity Request - Form 1024 for 6 years.

The Equipment Inventory Office:

  • Verifies that the Property Activity Request - Form 1024 is complete.  If any information is missing, returns the form to the department for completion.  Common information missing includes:
    • Illegible tag number(s)
    • Unauthorized signature(s)
    • Identical "Contact Person" and "Approved by" - these cannot be the same
    • No reason for disposal indicated
  • Process the completed form and removes the equipment from the department's inventory.

    Note: EIO will not remove the asset until credit is visible on MyFD.

  • Maintains copy of Property Activity Request - Form 1024 for 6 years.


Property Activity Request - Form 1024 (Excel)

Property Activity Request - Form 1024 (PDF)