Proper Use of Equipment Governed by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)/Uniform Guidance

Section 200.313 (c) of the CFR, also known as the Uniform Guidance, details proper use of equipment governed under these regulations.

Utilization of Government Titled Property

University departments may only use government property for the use that is described in the grant or contract and should maintain a screening process to determine the equipment and/or materials are being used for their intended purpose.  

If the department identifies excess equipment, idle equipment, or equipment that is no longer needed, it should be reported to Equipment Inventory's Federal Program Coordinator (  The Federal Program Coordinator will work with the sponsoring agency for disposition or title of the equipment.  If the University receives relief of accountability, then the equipment may be used for non contractual purposes or on another grant or contract.

Proper Use of Federally Titled Equipment

Personal use of federal equipment is prohibited.  Federal regulations incorporated into grants and contracts state that agency owned equipment should be usable, needed, and currently in use to support the appropriate grant or contract. Obsolete, unneeded, or unusable equipment should not sit idle for any extensive period of time.

When federal equipment is no longer needed or usable due to damage, loss, destruction, or deployment, notify Equipment Inventory's Federal Program Coordinator as soon as possible.  The Federal Program Coordinator will provide information on how the department's principal investigator, administrator, or designee might request disposition instructions from the agency, or try to relocate the equipment to another department on campus with written agency approval.  Written authority from the sponsoring agency must be received prior to the surplusing, movement, or disposition of government property.  It is a contractual commitment that federal equipment is in active use while in custody of a campus department and that disposal action is taken in a timely manner.