Use of Equipment at Home

University employees may use University titled equipment at home for University business as long as the equipment is properly tagged and a copy of the Property Activity Request - Form 1024 is filed in the department. Principal Investigators, directors, chairs, and executive heads do not need written authorization for valid use of equipment at home.

To indicate valid home use of equipment, update OASIS online or contact Equipment Inventory to assist with the update. To update OASIS, do the following:

  • Change the "building" field to reflect the county code in which the residence is located.  King County is code C17, Snohomish County is C31, and Pierce County is C27.  Refer to OASIS Building Help screen for master list or contact Equipment Inventory for other county codes.
  • Ensure the "wing" and "room number" fields are blank.
  • Update the "other location" field to "home".  To protect the employee's privacy, the actual home address should not be included on OASIS - it should be kept in the department's inventory files.

It is recommended that each University department develop a Home Equipment Agreement with  individuals who have equipment at home.  A Home Equipment Agreement template can be found on our Forms web page.

It is also recommended that each University department have a written policy addressing the insurance requirements of all items located either at an employee's home or in transit.  Departments may require that the employee's own homeowner's insurance cover theft or damage to such equipment.  Proof of insurance may be required.  The employee would be required to reimburse the University for the Homeowner's Insurance Claims collected on University titled equipment. Please see Risk Management's Equipment Insurance site for further details.  

Note:  If equipment is stolen while in your possession, at home, or from your office, a police report is required.