Shared Use of Equipment

Scientific equipment should be made available for sharing by multiple University departments if it is not fully utilized by the responsible department.  The terms of all shared-use arrangements, including utilization schedules, are to be agreed upon in advance by the departments and/or individuals involved.  The shared use of equipment should not interfere with the original research project.

  • Federally Funded Equipment - The federal government encourages sharing when it does not interfere with the original purpose of the grant or contract.  The permission of the contracting officer is required.  Rental fees may not be charged to a department or budget for the shared use of any University owned equipment acquired with federal funds.  However, reasonable maintenance, repair, calibration, or other costs directly related to the shared use may be passed on.
  • Usage Guidelines - During the period of a grant or contract, the principal investigator determines the utilization of equipment acquired.  After the grant or contract has expired, the department chair may suggest a use which will be beneficial to the overall departmental program, or the dean may recommend college or school utilization priorities for the equipment.  Federal agencies retain the authority to define the use and transfer status of federally owned equipment.  Federally owned equipment is to be used for those purposes authorized in the related grant or contact or as authorized in writing by the contracting officer.