Grant Tracker User's Guide

Why Grant Tracker?

GCA maintains Grant Tracker as a resource for UW departments working with grant and contract budgets. Grant Tracker provides:

  • Budget and financial information on all budgets managed by GCA (budget prefixes 61-xxxx through 68-xxxx and 80-xxxx).
  • An interface allowing the department and GCA to communicate on all issues related to a budget's fiscal management.
  • Access to previous Grant Tracker requests and attachments.
  • Parent and sub budget information consolidated on a single page.
  • Financial reporting schedules and copies of financial reports.
  • Copies of invoices issued by GCA.
  • Payment information for invoiceable budgets.
  • A Transpasu tool for establishing new sub budgets.
  • A deficit transfer tool for standalone or parent budget numbers.
  • Access to org code level reports for grant, contract, and gift budgets.
  • The ability to set departmental contacts at the individual budget, PI, or org code level.

Grant Tracker How-Tos: