Electronic Assist Bicycle Delivery Program

In the spring of 2017, Mailing Services was awarded a grant for $88,319 from the Campus Sustainability Fund to build a bicycle delivery program with electronic assist bicycles. By September 2018, five e-bikes had been sourced and ordered and the delivery routes that had traditionally been served with large cargo trucks were reworked to be bicycle deliveries instead. 

  • All Seattle campus locations are now being served by the e-bike program
  • The bicycle team has travelled more than 17,000 miles since the beginning of the program
  • Mailing Services has eliminated truck traffic for the delivery of on-campus mail and packages, which creates a more peaceful and safe environment for everyone
  • During rush hour, deliveries are made faster than when they went in trucks

The partnership and funding through the Campus Sustainability Fund made this program a reality. Learn more about this student-led organization.

Husky Green Award again!

In 2018, Mailing Services received its second Husky Green Award for the bicycle delivery program.