Each budget number has a unique barcode that is used to recharge postage to the appropriate University departments. Barcoding permits the use of automated mail processing equipment, which expedites handling and assures recharge accuracy.

Ordering Barcode Labels

To order labels, send email to barcode@u.washington.edu, or call the barcode phone line, 206-616-2633. Please provide your:

  • name
  • department name
  • box number
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number
  • quantity of label sheets ( 80 labels per sheet )
  • budget number and budget name
  • P.I. or person in charge of reconciling the budget

Labels will be delivered to the contact person in each department, then distributed to faculty or staff. Barcode labels are produced at Mailing Services and are supplied at no cost to University departments.

Using Barcode Labels

Budget number barcoding is required on all outgoing mail. Departments may use barcode labels or envelopes preprinted with their barcodes.

For multiple mailpieces (letters and flats)

  • Separate the mail by budget number and by type of mail (Domestic letters, Domestic flats, International mail)
  • Mark the mail with the desired class
  • Apply a barcode label to the top piece of mail only.
  • Secure all bundles, both horizontally and vertically with rubber bands.
  • If special instructions are needed, complete a Mailing Instruction form for each bundle, and apply a barcode label to the form.

For single mailpieces (letters, flats and parcels)

Apply the label directly on the mailpiece in a horizontal position, approximately 1/2 inch below the return address and approximately 1/2 inch from the left edge, except for Business Reply Mail.

Ordering Envelopes with Preprinted Barcodes

You can order stationery envelopes preprinted with your budget number barcode through Creative Communications' Digital StoreFront. Please contact your Account Manager. Your department will be charged for preprinted envelopes.