From Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm, Dawg Prints will have a print station available for on-campus use on the 1st floor of the Publications Service Building. Any of the print drivers listed will be able to print to this station. Please use the entrance on the left side of the building mail receiving area. The door is open. Please also make sure your document or file is accessible in case something goes wrong with printing your document.

The following Dawg Prints stations are available to students of the department or with CAAMS access (Husky card swipe) to the location. Please contact the lab or location if you are a part of their department and require access to the building.


  • Fishery Sciences Building - School of Aquatic Fishery Sciences Computer Lab
  • Gould Hall - Digital Commons RM# B007
  • HUB - Front Information Desk
  • Paccar Hall - 1st Flr. Hallway outside Tech Lab RM# 193
  • Paccar Hall - T-Mobile MBA Lounge RM# 339
  • Parrington Hall - Evans School of Public Affairs RM# B120
  • Parrington Hall - Evans School of Public Affairs RM# 400
  • South Campus Center RM# 311



Dawg Prints is your on-campus copy and print partner. Dawg Prints provides quality copies and prints for faculty, staff and students. Available throughout UW libraries, print jobs are quickly sent to conveniently located print-release stations. You can pay for these services with the swipe of a Husky Card or a Dawg Prints Card that can be purchased from card dispensers located in campus libraries.

Dawg Prints Goes Mobile!


All your printing needs on the UW campus now accessible through mobile devices and web browsers! Upload your documents and print them at any of our Dawg Prints locations. Please click on the image to get started or visit our MobilePrint website at to get started with your printing! And visit some frequently asked questions here:  

Dawg Prints – Purple goes Green!

Labs and libraries that use the Dawg Prints system are rolling out changes  to make Dawg Prints more environmentally sound. In addition to using 100% recycled paper in our printers and copiers, labs have begun to change their default queues to print 2-sided copies.

Dawg Prints Alerts 

Status updates, system maintenance notices, and Dawg Prints downtime all documented and posted on