1. Welcome Screen
  2. Copyright Notice
  3. Scan Interface
  4. Export Page
  5. General Help Screen

How to Scan on a Dawg Prints Scan Station:

  1. (Optional) Swipe and highlight the material type on Welcome Screen.
  2. (Optional) Touch the gear icon to configure scan settings. This is the same 
    gear icon on the scan interface. 
  3. (Optional) Touch the "Learn" button on the right or next to the scan button to
    learn more about the features on the top screen.
  4. Touch Scan.

  1. (Optional) Swipe and highlight the material type you wish to scan to have the application select the best scan settings.
  2. Touch Accept & Scan to direclty start scanning your documents!
  3. Touch Decline to get into scan interface.

  1. Touch Scan to continue to scan your documents.
  2. (Optional) Touch the gear icon to make changes to the scan settings.
  3. (Optional) Touch Compose Content to make edits to your scans.
  4. Touch E-Mail PDF when you are finished scanning or when you have inserted your USB stick.
  5. (Optional) Touch More if you need to export or make further changes on how you want to export.
  6. Touch Help if you need a local visual guide.
  • The below are examples of the different types of scans determined by the Color Mode.
  • Black & White

  • Greyscale (Current Default of Dawg Prints Scan Stations)

  • Color

  1. Touch the More icon next to the Export PDF on the scan interface to get to here.
  2. Select your desired file format.
  3. Touch Make File Name changes.
  4. Export to printing, cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, Box) or QR Code

  • Touch the Help button to get the following informative screen below: