Below are the responsibilities for hosting a Dawg Prints placement.

Dawg Prints Provides:

  • The printer and release station
  • Paper and printer toner
  • Maintenance servicing for the printer (Service is provided by the vendor Ricoh)
  • Print drivers available on our website for students to install on personal laptops/PC
  • Communications regarding general outages and scheduled system outages
  • No fees are charged to the location hosting the printer

Host Site Responsibilities:

  • Filling the printer with paper, replacing the toner cartridge when empty and clearing paper jams
  • Contacting the Dawg Prints team at to order paper when the supply is low and to report any service issues with the printer or release PC
  • Receive paper supplies from Office Depot
  • Receive toner from Ricoh. The printer automatically alerts the vendor when toner is required and the toner ship directly to you (sometimes the system doesn’t work, if toner runs out and you haven’t received the replacement yet email us and we’ll bring over a spare)
  • Provide service technician with access to printer as need for repairs