With the move to Work Day Finance on July 1, 2023, UW Mailing Services will start processing postage charges for the University of Washington and UW Medicine through a new department postage account program. Departments will need a postage account number (PAN) to create a postage barcode that will be used when printing envelopes and business reply products. This PAN will also be needed if you request barcode stickers from UW Mailing Services. Your postage account number will be required if you want to ship anything through FedEX or UPS through UW Mailing Services, and the number will also be required for certain types of mailing done through Mail Prep.

The postage account program and the assigned PANs will replace the budget number barcode program.

To create a new postage account, please use the link below to access the postage account web form. You will be required to provide your work tag(s) in order to submit the form. If the work tag(s) you want to use already has an associated postage account, the postage account number will automatically come up and you will be prompted to add your name to the postage account if you want to.

Questions about postage accounts and the barcodes generated from a postage account number can be sent to barcode@uw.edu.

Create a Postage Account and Number