We partner with the University Book Store to distribute and sell UW course packs. Call or email and we'll pick up your materials, produce your course pack and deliver free desk copies for the TA/Professor.

How to Create a Course Pack

If you have original materials (books, journals); simply compile all of your proposed course pack materials in sequential order. This includes all books, journals, papers, etc. Include a table of contents and bibliography for these items. Mark all pages to be produced with Post-It notes or paper clips.

If you have electronic files, create a master file with a sequential list of the electronic documents, a table of contents and bibliography of all the materials to be printed in your course pack. Include this file when you send materials to your Copy Center. You can send your electronic file(s) and request form(s) to csonline@u.washington.edu.

To get started, complete the following forms:

If you have questions, accelerated deadlines or other requirements, contact us at 206-685-7969.

Copyright Permissions

Protection of intellectual property rights is of critical importance to you, the University of Washington and to Creative Communications. To assure proper use of copyright-protected materials in printed course packets, Copy Services has established the University of Washington Copyright Permissions Center (CPC). This clearance service is available to anyone preparing course materials (Course Packs) to be sold at the University Book Store.

CPC makes it easy for you by contacting the publishers for permission to copy material, initiating follow-up phone contact to ensure prompt service and performing royalties’ calculations. We then print the Course Pack materials, and sell the Course Packs through the University Book Store. The cost for these critical services is incorporated in the price of the Course Pack. Copyright permission request forms are available at all campus copy centers or can be downloaded. Call us for pick up of your completed order form and materials, or you can drop them off at any Copy Center.