Transit Messaging Truck

"Move Your Message"

Here’s how it works

  • Design your message for the UW truck fleet.
  • If you would like design help, our in-house design team is ready to help you.
  • Professional 30” x 88” giant vinyl panels carry your message on the outside of UW box trucks, and 11” x 28” insert panels carry your message on the inside of Health Science Express Buses.
  • Installation is included.
  • Your message is viewed all week during prime business hours.
  • All materials and ad sign production must be produced by Creative Communications to ensure compatibility with our sign brackets and compliance with UW standards for logos, color, graphics and images.
  • Your message can be seen on routes that include campus, U-District, South Lake Union, downtown and I-5 in the Seattle metropolitan area.
  • Reach a targeted audience with thousands of daily impressions.

Transit Messaging Bus Signs

Great results and budget-friendly

Truck Sign Advertisements

  • Only $200 per truck side the first four weeks.
  • Additional four-week increments are only $150!

Health Sciences Express Bus Advertisements

  • Only $240 per multi-set of in bus signs the first four weeks.
  • Additional four-week increments are only $150!

Need help to get started?

  • Our award-winning designers at Creative Communications can help bring your ideas to life at a very cost effective price.

Contact C2 Mailing Services for more information or to reserve space.
e-mail:    phone: 206-616-5173