Speed up your preparation time for large mailings by using technology for addressing, inserting, sorting, and otherwise preparing preprinted materials for campus or USPS distribution. Our variety of services include:

  • Preparation of standard bulk-rate mailings, periodicals mailings, and first-class mailings
  • Preparation of campus mailings
  • Mailing Permits
  • Machine preparation services (folding, inserting, etc.)
  • Business Reply Mail (BRM)
  • Mailing lists—Faculty, and Deans, Directors, Department Heads (DDD)
  • Address standardization and verification
  • Change of address database matching

Get Expert Advice

Postal regulations are complex and are constantly changing, we encourage you to call us in your early project planning stages to receive guidance on the most effective ways to minimize postage and processing costs while maximizing deliverability. You can also refer to our Mail Piece Design 101 booklet for more information.

Using Mail Preparation Services

It’s Easy to Get Started

  • Fill out the Request for Mail Preparation Services form (online). You may also download and submit the Mail Prep PDF form.
  • Submit an electronic file of your mailing list or request use of a general mailing list.
  • Provide your material for mailing or have Printing Services or Copy Services deliver material to Mail Preparation Services upon completion.

Billing Rates

Get Started by contacting Mail Preparation Services.

Also, see our quick guide on mail prep rates.

Inkjet Addressing Technology and Options

Inkjet addressing equipment gives you professional-quality addressing and messaging efficiently and at a very low cost. You can even add a logo, short message or choose from a number of type fonts to match your message and audience.

To Get Started, see our inkjet addressing page.

Submit Electronic Files for Mailing Lists

Mail Preparation will take care of all regulations to meet this certification and then will use your electronic file to address your mailing with direct ink jet printing onto your material.

Contact Mail Prep at addrfile@u.washington.edu before starting to build your mailing list. Or read details on mailing lists and submitting electronic files.

Mailing Supplies

For your convenience, Mailing Services maintains a supply of specialized materials, such as:

  • U.S. postal Service (USPS) Airmail stickers
  • USPS Customs Forms 2976 and 2976A
  • USPS Express Mail envelopes and labels
  • USPS Priority Mail envelopes and stickers
  • USPS Return Receipts, Domestic and International