Creative Communications offers a wide variety of creative services for UW forms:

  • Forms consulting - We offer expert advice on what should be on your form, how it should be effectively designed, and how to distribute the final product
  • Forms design - We'll design and build your form using a layout and format that has been proven effective on many other campus forms
  • Official format - We'll assign an official "UoW" number to your form, archive it, and add it to our database where it can be easily referenced or revised
  • PDF creation - To make your form even more accessible and convenient, we can produce Adobe Acrobat PDFs specifically for web, print or both. In addition, forms can include built-in calculations, auto-filling of fields, and built-in fields that people can use to fill out and print forms directly from their browser (no more hard to read handwriting!).
  • Customer assistance - Because we build your form, in most cases we can offer assistance to people who have questions when using the form. Or we can provide departmental references, as directed.