Email is a great way to communicate with your patrons and stakeholders. We build and distribute HTML email campaigns with accessibility, simplicity and clarity in mind. Most often, we serve the UW community using the email marketing tool Marketo. We also work inĀ MailChimp and other common solutions.

We can help at any point in your email campaign. Below is some information about our basic service. Once we know your needs we can develop a project plan that will work within your budget.

Basic email

$300 - $600

By leveraging existing UW Marketo templates, we will create a shell you can use to build your own email campaigns. This option does not include custom styling or design or the introduction of any modules not already embedded into the existing template.

Updating existing graphic elements in the UW template to reflect your department's UW brand

Embedding specific links into those graphic elements

Adjusting background colors