Katy Folk-Way
E-mail: kfolk@uw.edu
PH: 206-543-3481
Patrick McNelly
Assistant Director of C2 Operations, HR and Lean
E-mail: bogeyman@uw.edu
PH: 206-616-2809
Sam Somphet
Manager of IT, Finance and Accounting
E-mail: ssomphet@uw.edu
PH: 206-616-2688
Jessica Colinares
Manager of Printing and Creative Services
PH: 206-685-0145
Jake Dobner
Manager of Copy Services
PH: 206-685-7380
Scott Lacey
Senior Computer Specialist - Lead
E-mail: slacey@uw.edu
PH: 206-221-2812
Steven Roberts
Assistant Director of Mailing, Safety and Building Services
E-mail: stevenr@uw.edu
PH: 206-616-9011