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Grant Tracker is now read-only

Effective 7/8/23, Grant Tracker is read-only. To contact GCA about current issues or questions with grant or contract awards, please use the Award Portal system (scheduled to go live on 7/11/23).

Grant Tracker provided up-to-date grant and contract information to UW researchers and staff prior to Workday go-live in July 2023. 

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Check out our Grant Tracker User's Guide or visit one of our web pages to learn a new Grant Tracker task:

If you still have questions, please contact GCA at gcahelp@uw.edu.

Use Grant Tracker To:

  • View all GCA budgets
  • Access parent and sub budget information
  • View invoices and reports
  • Submit requests and attachments to GCA
  • Get up-to-date status on outstanding requests
  • View request/attachment history
  • Submit Transpasu requests for new sub budgets
  • Transfer deficit balances
  • Provide up-to-date campus contacts to receive GCA messages