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Troubleshooting Tips 

How do I add faculty to the Office of Merchant Services (OMS) instance for a course? 

View the how-to-guide on how to add faculty to a course. 


I accidentally deleted a quiz in my course! How do I restore it? 

Restoring an Item Deleted in a Course (Pages, Assignments, Modules, Quizzes, Discussions, etc.)


Oh No! I was editing my home page in Canvas and accidentally deleted parts I wanted to keep -- and then I SAVED it! How can I get it back?

Using Page History to Restore a Page to a Previous Version


HELP! I somehow managed to DELETE my entire course!

Restoring an Entire Course that has been Deleted

NOTE: To accomplish this, you will need to know the course id number of the deleted course.  This is usually found in the URL of the course:

The easiest way to find this information is to run the Recently Deleted Courses report found in Admin > Reports


Whoops! I went into my course settings and found the 'Reset Course Content' link.  I threw caution completely to the wind and ignored all the warnings.  Now my course is completely devoid of all content.

Restoring Content From a Course that has been RESET - i.e., Wiped Clean

This one is very time-sensitive.  Since there really isn't a way to simply recover a course once the content has been wiped using the Reset Course Content feature, the best way to restore the deleted content would be to go into the BETA environment  (https:/ as quickly as possible, locate the same course that was reset and export the content to a package (ZIP) file.  Then, re-import the ZIP file back into the course in your Canvas production environment.  Remember, the BETA environment mirrors your 'live' production environment (basically a carbon copy of your production environment); however, it resets EVERY SATURDAY. Therefore, you'll want to grab the content within the same week it was reset - otherwise, it's gone for good.