TouchNet How-To Guide

TouchNet How-To Guide

Marketplace ​

Intro to Marketplace (downloadable PDF guide)​

The Intro to Marketplace guide provides users with a complete guide on navigating the uStore within TouchNet.

Touchnet TEST Environment

Touchnet PRODUCTION Environment 

If you experience login problems:

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies
  • Do not login with a bookmark, use the links above
  • Open a new incognito or private window and use the links above

If you do not have TouchNet login credentials or have been locked out of your account, please contact

Marketplace uStores

Building a Marketplace Store​ (downloadable PDF guide)​

A comprehensive guide for building a Marketplace Store for your needs.

TouchNet Marketplace Branding Cheat Sheet (downloadable PDF guide)​

A guide to branding your Marketplace store according to the University of Washington colors and branding.

TouchNet Marketplace uStore Refunds​ 

A comprehensive guide to issuing refunds through the backend of the Marketplace.

TouchNet Marketplace Modifier Report​ (downloadable PDF guide)​

A report going over the available modifiers in the TouchNet uStore.

TouchNet Marketplace Reconciliation Guide​ (downloadable PDF guide)​

A guide going over reconciliation in the uStore.

Running a TouchNet Registration Report (downloadable PDF guide)

A guide going over how to create a TouchNet registration report.

Marketplace uPay ​

What is TouchNet uPay?(downloadable PDF guide)

What is TouchNet uPay provides a thorough guide of the uPay features and functionalities in TouchNet.

TouchNet Ready Partners​ 

The TouchNet Ready Partners the University of Washington has worked with.

TouchNet uPay Refunds Guide

A comprehensive guide to issuing refunds for uPay through the backend of the Marketplace.