Fee Structure

Costs associated with accepting Credit Cards

There are three fees incurred when accepting credit and debit card payments. These fees do not include any potential equipment charges or gateway fees for online payments.

1. Interchange Fees

Interchange fees are a percentage charged between the card brands such as VISA and MC and our merchant processor for accepting debit and credit cards.  Currently this fee averages around 2.25% university-wide, but the range currently stands between 1.9% and 4.0%.  The interchange is based on whether the card is debit or credit, and the services associated with the card, such as points versus no points.American Express (AMEX) has a fixed interchange fee of 2.15%.

2. Merchant Processor Fees 

  • Fiserv - Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmEx: $.0175  per transaction

3. UW Merchant Fee

  • Transaction Fee: $0.15 per transaction 
  • Volume Fee:  .150%

Services that require an additional fee 

4. UW Managed Services Fee 

  • Applies to all Volante and Clover merchants (in addition to the merchant fee) 
  • Transaction Fee: $0.02 per transaction
  • Volume Fee:  .038%

5. Authorize.net

  • $10.00 Monthly fee
  • $0.10 Transaction fee
  • $0.10 Batch Settlement fee 

Costs associated with accepting ACH (e-Check) 

Only available on the TouchNet E-Commerce Platform 

  • $.56 transaction fee (increasing to $.57 effective July 1, 2024)
    • $.50 ACH processor fee
    • $.06 UW Merchant Fee (increasing to $.07 effective July 1, 2024)
  • $5.00 ACH processor return check fee