TouchNet Ready Partners

TouchNet has a program called TouchNet Ready Partners where external vendors can pass payments to the TouchNet Marketplace system and do so safely, securely and in a PCI DSS compliant manner. 

Please contact Merchant Services if you wish to sign with any of these partners.  We will either let you know if there is an existing enterprise contract or refer you to Procurement.  DO NOT sign a click through contract with any company that impacts the credit card environment.

The currently implemented partners are:

  • 7Point Solutions with Mazevo
  • Armedia
  • CampusCE
  • Canvas Catalog by Instructure
  • Cbord
  • CloudCME by Multiweb Communications
  • Cvent
  • Element451
  • E-Lucid
  • Entrinsik Enrole
  • Event Guru
  • Handshake
  • Ideal-Logic
  • IMLeagues
  • Innosoft/Fusion
  • Noodle
  • Learning Cart
  • Linvio
  • Noodle
  • NuPark
  • Point and Click
  • Seattle Technology Group
  • Slate by Technolutions
  • Star Rez
  • T2 Parking
  • TargetX
  • University Tickets (now AudienceView Grad)
  • Zap Solutions

If you have a current relationship with a Partner and wish to take payments through TouchNet, please contact us at


OMS also maintains a list of other Approved Vendors.