E-Commerce including Payment Gateways


The primary e-commerce platform for the University of Washington is TouchNet Marketplace. We are currently in the in the process of building online storefronts and online payment options for our merchants. 

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway authorizes credit card processing for e-commerce transactions. Think of a payment gateway as the virtual equivalent of a physical credit card terminal. If not going through TouchNet, Merchant Services requires using Converge as your payment gateway.

Converge is owned by Elavon, our payment processor at the University.  

Payment Site Requirements

Our processor Elavon requires three main things on a website to accept payment cards: 

  • Showcase the Name of your Business (DBA) on your site
  • Post your business’s Customer Service Phone Number, Email Address, or physical Address for Customer Correspondence on your site
  • Secure the Page where your customers’ card information is entered using a valid SSL Certificate

In addition, they recommend the following:

  • List your Product and/or Service offerings clearly with prices and descriptions
  • Display your Return, Refund, and/or Cancellation Policy to your customers Note: Failure to display your return/refund policy per the locational guidance in Elavon’s eCommerce Requirements document could prevent you from successfully disputing a customer chargeback.
  • Ensure your customers know your business’s Country of Permanent Establishment
  • State your Privacy Policy clearly, and make it easily accessible to all visitors
  • Advise customers what their Delivery Method and Timing will be
  • Illustrate the Card Brand Marks your business accepts (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)