TouchNet Event Sites

Creation of an event registration website for UW sponsored events, is available in the TouchNet system.

View a Sample Site 

OMS Responsibilities 

  • Create an event overview webpage 
  • Registration process and custom questions 
  • Custom confirmation email message for each event 
  • Launch event site 

Departmental Responsibilities 

  • Management of registration logistics 
  • Registrant customer services 
  • Reporting 
  • Cancellations  
  • Additional email communications 


  • If you are charging an admission fee for your event, there is no set-up fee
  • If your event is free, there is a set-up fee of $250, per event

For more complex events, Cvent may be a better fit for your team.  Learn more about the differences in the event platforms here.  

To request a TouchNet Event Site, start here:

Request a TouchNet Event Site

Revenue Options

If you are charging a registration fee, there are two options to accept revenue:

Option 1 | Receive revenue directly to your UW cost center + manage registration directly

  • The creation of a merchant ID number (MID) has a direct correlation to a single UW cost center/worktags.  Revenue will flow directly to the cost center and fees associated with accepting credit cards will be deducted from the same cost center.  More information on this option is in the OMS Becoming a Merchant Guidance.  It can take 6-8 weeks for a MID to be created. Please note: grant worktags are unable to be used.  
  • Registration would be managed by your team to troubleshoot attendee management, send receipt copies, process refunds, etc.  Training is available and OMS is always a resource to help. 
  • There is no set-up fee for this option, except for fees to accept credit cards.

Option 2 | No MID, No Problem + OMS manages registration for you

If you do not have a MID or staff to support registration, our team can help.  Revenue will be processed through a central events MID that is owned and managed by our team (OMS). 

Therefore, the OMS team would be doing the following on your behalf for this event:

  • Create a TouchNet event site based on information you will provide
  • Make any content changes
  • Provide a weblink to you for use in marketing the registration
  • Automatic registration confirmation email to registrant (also serves as a receipt)
  • Provide weekly registration report + daily reports the week of the event
  • Provide attendee management support by processing refunds, providing receipt copies, etc. directly to your attendees
  • Provide a QR code that may be used for day-of registration for walk-up registration (if space is available)
  • Upon conclusion of the event, we will submit a JV request to transfer revenue to your cost center

For the above assistance, the fee is 20% of the total revenue earned for this event.  This fee covers our staff time + required fees associated with accepting credit cards. 

Please note, the OMS team does NOT have the capacity to provide any of the following direct event support, therefore the below items will need to be managed by your team: 

  • Onsite staff support the day(s) of the event
  • Onsite (aka "at the door") payments for walk-up registration (they may register using a QR code we will provide you)
  • Reminder or "know before you go" follow-up email messages (email addresses of registrants will be provided to you through reporting, you are to send any additional communication)