The trigger date starts the record retention count down for all grant-related financial records

You can locate the trigger date for a given budget by looking at the "Trigger" field in GrantTracker.  

For most grant-related financial records, the trigger used to signify the start of the records retention period is the date the Financial Status Report (FSR) was submitted to the sponsor.   Do note for grants that are renewed on an ongoing basis, the trigger date is based on the annual or quarterly submission, not the final termination of the grant.

For grants where an FSR is not required, the trigger date will be the date the Final Invoice was submitted to the sponsor.

For grants where neither a FSR nor a Final Invoice is required by the sponsor, the trigger date is when the final budget reconciliation was completed.

The instructions and screen shots below show how to find these trigger dates in GrantTracker.

Enter budget number, select search and your budget number will show in the lower section of the GrantTracker screen.

screenshot of fields in GrantTracker to enter budget number


Find your budget in the list, click on it for more details.

screenshot shows budget search results


The Trigger Date will be on the right hand side of the summary section of the GrantTracker screen.

screenshot with highlighted trigger date field