UW Tacoma records are eligible to be stored at the University Records Center in Seattle. The University Records Center will stop accepting new records for storage in February 2022. If your office will have paper records which will need storage after February 2022, we would like to discuss it with you. Please contact Barbara Benson at bbenson@uw.edu.

Follow these simple steps to store your boxes:

  1. Submit a Storage Request
    1. Same process as before:
      1. Complete the storage request form
      2. Remember to follow the tips on packing and labeling the box
      3. Email the form (in Excel format) to urc@uw.edu
  2. URC Processes Request
    1. We review the request and will contact you if we have any questions
    2. After all questions are resolved, we process the request and coordinate a pick-up date and time
  3. UW Mailing Services Picks Up Your Boxes
    1. Label and secure the box lid for delivery
    2. Write UW Seattle Records Management - Will Call on the top of the box lid
    3. Secure the lid with two pieces of packing tape
    4. Depending on volume, it may take a few trips to pick up all the boxes
    5. We send you a confirmation when all boxes are delivered to the University Records Center


Labeling and Securing the Box for Delivery

  • Write UW Seattle Records Management - Will Call on the lid of the box in permanent marker
  • Tape the box shut with just enough packing tape to secure the lid - we recommend using only two pieces of tape
  • Don't tape the boxes until they are ready for pick up