The following are examples of folder structures for different types of records. If you are unsure about how your records fit in, contact us.


Type of Record

Possible Cutoffs

Use Folder Structure


Fixed in time

Completion of application/admission process

End of academic year

End of calendar year

End of quarter

Model structure:

  •  Record Type
    •  Year
      •  Folder Name
      •  Folder Name
    •  Year

For example:

  •  Placement Exams
    •  2020-21
      •  Marcela Garces
      •  Latosha Allen
    •  2019-20

Admission Applications -- Not Accepted, Not Entered, or Application Incomplete

Course Evaluations

Credit by Exam Applications

Curriculum Committee Reports

Exams, Answer Sheets, Proficiency Placement & Credit by Exam, Papers, Projects, and Other Assignments by Students

Grade Books and Grade Confirmation Reports

Outreach Programs

Program Review and Evaluation

Reference Letters (Students)

Registrar's Statistical Reports

Scholarships/Assistantship/Fellowship/Traineeship/Research Award/Student Award by Department -- Denied

Special Educational Forums, Events and Activities

Student Employment Recruitment Files

Textbook Orders and Desk Copy Requests to Publishers

Time Schedule Changes (Requests for Change in the Quarterly Time Schedule)

Type of Record

Possible Cutoffs

Use Folder Structure


Event based

Completion of course/program/trip

Course no longer offered

Date of accreditation

Date of graduation, degree awarded, or last activity/contact

Issue resolved/disciplinary action taken

No longer needed for agency business/administrative purpose served

Proposal approved

Proposal denied

Return of equipment

Tenure approved or denied

Termination of agreement/award

Until superseded

Model structure:

  •  Record Type
    •  Active
      •  Folder Name
    •  Closed
      •  Year
        •  Folder Name
      •  Year

For example:

  •  Change of Major Forms
    •  Active
      •  Jess Marillo
    •  Graduated
      •  2021
        •  Faraj Modestas
      •  2020

Accreditation Documentation

Admission Applications -- Enrolled Students

Advisor's Files

Agreements for Programs or Curriculum

Award Files

Continuing Education Course Records

Course Comment Sheets

Course Materials

Curriculum Proposals

Declaration/Change of College, School and/or Major Forms

Degree Applications

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) Report

Disciplinary Cases/Investigations

Equipment Requests

Field Trip Permission Slips

Grade Appeals and Grievance Files

Grade Sheets (Instructor's Grade Report Sheet)

Petitions and Waivers: Student

Resident Physician/Medical Student Evaluations

Scholarships/Assistantship/Resident/Fellowship/Traineeship/Research Award/Student Award Records

Student Folders -- Enrolled, Non-Academic, Non Matriculated and Visiting Students

Student Tickler File

Theses and Dissertations

Transcripts (Permanent Student Record)