The following are examples of folder structures for different types of records. If you are unsure about how your records fit in, contact us.


Type of Record

Possible Cutoffs

Use Folder Structure


Fixed in time

Award presented

End of academic year

End of calendar year

End of event

End of fiscal year

End of month

End of quarter

End of reporting period

Votes counted

Model structure:

  •  Record Type
    •  Year
      •  Folder Name
      •  Folder Name
    •  Year

For example:

  •  Annual Reports
    •  2021
      •  Annual Customer Stats
      •  Engagement Survey
    •  2020

Annual Reports

Award Files


Banquet Permit to Serve Alcohol, Authorization to Apply for

Board of Regents

Calendars, Appointment Books, Daily Schedules, Telephone Logs

Committees/Councils/Teams/Faculty and Staff Meetings

History Files

Incident Reports

Legislation, Regulations, Rules -- Monitoring/Tracking

Lost and Found Records

Monthly/Quarterly Reports

Planning/Project Files

Property Activity Requests

Room Assignment Requests

Shredding/Recycling Log



Temporary Food Event Form

Type of Record

Possible Cutoffs

Use Folder Structure


Event based

Administrative/reference purpose served

Date of event/facility used

Date of publication

Disposition of last record on accession confirmation

Equipment inventory report is verified

Expiration of lease

Job complete

Publication or video no longer in use

Request closed/denied

Service date

Surplus of equipment

System replaced/no longer used

Termination of contract/litigation/policy

Testimony/opinion provided

Until processed/transferred

Until superseded

Model structure:

  •  Record Type
    •  Active
      •  Folder Name
    •  Closed
      •  Year
        •  Folder Name
      •  Year

For example:

  •  Contracts
    •  Active
      •  Scanning Vendor
    •  Expired
      •  2021
        •  In-Person Event Planner
      •  2020

Brainstorming and Collaborating

Building Leases

Contracts and Agreements

Donor Files

Equipment Inventory, Asset Control Sheets, and Service/Maintenance Records

Expert Witness

Help Desk Requests


Invention Disclosure Package

Litigation Files/Subpoenas

Model Release Forms

Organization Charts and Listings

Organizing/Monitoring Work in Progress

Photographs and Recordings

Policies and Procedures

Public Records Requests

Publications Production Records

Records Center Storage Documentation

Records Retention Schedules

Request for Use of University Facilities


Space Survey

Technical System Documentation

WAC Files