The following are examples of folder structures for different types of records. If you are unsure about how your records fit in, contact us.


Type of Record

Possible Cutoffs

Use Folder Structure


Fixed in time

End of academic year

End of calendar year

End of fiscal year

End of quarter

Model structure:

  •  Record Type
    •  Year
      •  Folder Name
      •  Folder Name
    •  Year

For example:

  •  GCCRs
    •  FY2021
      •  Fatimah Erikson
      •  Andrew Wilson
    •  FY2020

Faculty Effort Certification (FEC)

Grant and Contract Certification Report

Indirect Cost -- Allowable Expense Reports

Indirect Cost -- Staff Activity Surveys

Type of Record

Possible Cutoffs

Use Folder Structure


Event based

Application withdrawn

Close of study

Close of study/ study termination

Denial/ notification of denial

Repository closed

Resolution of audit issues

Return from trip

Submission of a financial status report


Termination of funding period

Termination of grant

Termination of project funded by award

Termination or expiration of instrument

Model structure:

  •  Record Type
    •  Active
      •  Folder Name
    •  Closed
      •  Year
        •  Folder Name
      •  Year

For example:

  •  Research Records
    •  Open Studies
      •  Humpback Population
    •  Closed Studies
      •  2021
        •  Paddlefish Extinction
      •  2020

Accounts Receivable

Applications and Administration Records for Grants/Contracts and Internal (UW) Research Support Funds

Audits - Sponsored Programs

Billing Source Documents for Grants/Contracts

Certificate of Exemption for Human Subjects Research

Conflict of Interest Files (COI)

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Research Application Files

Export Control Records for Grants/Contracts

Field Advances

Financial Records for Grants/Contracts

Human Subjects Research: Consent Forms

Human Subjects Research: Deliverables

Human Subjects Review Committee Applications

Project Review Forms (for Use of Animals in Research)

Registry Consent Forms

Repository Consent Forms

Research Data -- Drug Development

Research Records and Data

Time Reporting (ETR/PTR) for Grants/Contracts

Visa Travel Records