The following are examples of folder structures for different types of records. If you are unsure about how your records fit in, contact us.


Type of Record

Possible Cutoffs

Use Folder Structure


Fixed in time

Ballots counted

Date of receipt

End of calendar year

End of fiscal year

End of month

End of quarter

Model structure:

  •  Record Type
    •  Year
      •  Folder Name
      •  Folder Name
    •  Year

For example:

  •  Outside Work Approvals
    •  2021
      •  Jun Huang
      •  Yvonne Dussault
    •  2020

Ballots for Appointment, Promotion or Tenure

Check Registers

Faculty Request for Outside Work Approval (Form 1460)

Resumes -- Unsolicited

Time Reporting (ETR/PTR)

Time Sheets for Work Study Students (On-Campus Time Sheets)

Volunteer Applications -- Not Accepted/Withdrew

Type of Record

Possible Cutoffs

Use Folder Structure


Event based

Audit completed

Completion of next evaluation

Completion of recruitment/search/hiring process

Completion of review

File/case closed

Issue resolved/completed or withdrawn

Paid in full

Salary increase

Services completed

Termination of employment

Transaction captured by opus

Until superseded

Model structure:

  •  Record Type
    •  Active
      •  Folder Name
    •  Closed
      •  Year
        •  Folder Name
      •  Year

For example:

  •  Personnel Folders - Staff
    •  Current
      •  Emily Alves
    •  Separated
      •  2021
        •  Nicolas Arvidsson
      •  2020

Affirmative Action Plans

Applicant Flow Reports

Application/Recruitment/Selection/Hiring/Search Committee Records

Background Checks for Academic Appointments

Complaint Files Investigated by Human Resources or CRIO

Disciplinary Actions

Faculty Adjudication Files

Faculty Reviews

Grievance Files (Staff Employee Complaint Files)

IACUC Letters of Commendation, Acknowledgement, Counsel and/or Reprimand and/or Suspension

Job Descriptions

Orientation and Training Files

Overpayment Repayment Option Documentation

Payroll Folders -- for Individual Employees

Performance Evaluations

PERMs (Post Entry Review Messages)

Personnel Records for All Categories of Employees

Reclassification Documents

Request for Outside Work Approval -- Professional and Classified Staff

Research, Scientific or Scholarly Misconduct Allegations

Salary Increase Worksheet

Tenure/Promotion/Merit Pay Evaluations and Tenure Appeals

Time Records for Classified and Professional Staff

Volunteer Records

Workers Compensation (L&I) Forms