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20-Day Records Management Challenge

FAQWelcome back to one of the strangest fall quarters in the history of our University.  But we are Huskies!  And Huskies always prevail!  In the spirit of our boundless nature, we invite you to take the UW 20 Day Records Management Challenge.  Start at the beginning of any month and see how close you come to our Records Management Hall of Fame. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions along the way.  #HuskyExperience


Fetch the Future

For some time now, we’ve been working on ways to make it easier to use the UW retention schedules—especially the General Records Retention Schedule.  We’ve come up with some clever solutions in the past like our Bookmarks, which allow you to choose General Schedule items that specifically apply to your records and save them to a separate page, allowing you to create a personalized General Schedule--which you can then share with your colleagues.  

Most recently, we’ve been working on the concept of “Role-Based” retention schedules. Would it be easier to find retention requirements for your records (paper and electronic) if we created a retention schedule based on your particular role and responsibilities at the UW?  Well, we are test driving this idea with our newly released Advisors’ Records Retention Schedule.  We worked closely with UW advisors in order to capture all of the student-advisor communications and provide guidance on the related retentions.

What role do you play at the UW?  What are your responsibilities? What kind of records do you receive and create?  Let us know if you would like us to create a role based retention schedule for your world.  Email us at or call 206-543-0573,



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