Documentation used by UW Recharge/Cost/Service Centers (e.g., Mailing Services, Fleet Services, Facilities Services, Creative+Communication, University Temporary Services, Telecommunications, etc.) to prepare Cost Transfer Invoices (CTIs), Internal Sales Documents (ISDs), recharge documents, journal vouchers or invoices for the purpose of charging other budgets or non-UW entities for services or supplies. May describe, in greater detail than billing document, services or supplies provided. May include work orders, service requests, logs of goods/services provided, etc.

Note: These records are now generated through Workday and do not have to be saved or printed. Records created before July 2023 should be maintained for the following retention periods:

Official Copy: Any Issuing Office
Retention: 6 years after end of fiscal year
Disposition Method: Recycle or Delete

Other Copy: Any Receiving Office
Retention: 2 years after end of biennium
Disposition Method: Recycle or Delete