Records of financial transactions on gift budgets established by Grant and Contract Accounting.  May include but is not limited to:

  • Cash Transmittals (CTs)
  • Cost Transfer Invoices (CTIs)
  • Memo to Request an Advance Notice
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • ProCard transaction approval and reconciliation including reviewed and signed Transaction Detail Report, invoices, and receipts
  • CTA approvals and reconciliations including reviewed and signed UW Transaction Detail with Notes & Account Codes Report, invoices and receipts
  • Packing Slips
  • Petty Cash (Revolving Fund) Records including Application for Revolving Fund
  • Petty Cash Vouchers with supporting documents such as sales slips, cash register receipts, paid invoices
  • Receipt for Petty Cash Advance and study subject compensation records
  • Internal Purchase Approvals
  • Banking Records including deposit slips, canceled checks, reconciliations and monthly statements
  • Delegations of Authority.

Note: These records are now generated through Workday and do not have to be saved or printed. Records created before July 2023 should be maintained for the following retention periods

Official Copy: Grant and Contract Accounting
Retention: 6 years plus 90 days after termination
Disposition Method: Recyle or Delete

Official Copy: College/School or Department
Retention: 6 years after end of fiscal year
Disposition Method: Recylce or Delete