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cloud best practices infographic, text follows on this page


Infographic text follows:

  • Per WAC 434-615-020, offices and departments at the UW can use cloud applications to store university records provided that the records are managed properly. Managing records properly includes the ability to respond to audits, public records requests, and litigation, retain records for their full retention period, and delete records at the end of their retention period. UW Records Management Services created this resource to help offices and departments who are implementing cloud-based applications to establish best practices around the following matters. 
      • File storage and sharing applications that store files you have created outside of the cloud. Files can be accessed by you and/or others via the Internet. E.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox.
    • TOOLS
      • Productivity tools you use to created unique types of records and store them within the application itself. E.g. Trello, Slack, Facebook.
      • Software as a Service (SAAS) databases and other structured content systems that store their information in the cloud. E.g. Salesforce, Freshdesk, Workday.
    • Records must be maintained in accordance with a legally approved University Records Retention Schedule
    • Identifying potential impacts to workflows and centralized accessibility of records
    • Service provider must meet all the relevant information privacy and security requirements
    • Defining and controlling access to records
    • Approving and standardizing use throughout the department
    • Documenting important vendor obligations within the contract with the cloud provider
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  • Records Management Services, University of Washington