So you know you need to clean out your shared drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams library, or other shared storage location. How do you ensure success? Target ROT--Redundant, Obsolete, or Transitory records--and stay on track using a custom-built cleanup project plan. This form guides you through the questions you need to ask in order to stay oriented during your expedition into unstructured data territory.

hiking backpack with supplies and treesBuilt as a Microsoft Form, you can save your responses to complete later as you track down answers to questions like "Who will you ask about destruction holds?" or "Who in IT controls access to that folder you need?" or even "Who was it who left your department 5 years ago but knows when that one study closed..."

You can select to have your responses sent to your email, optionally sent to our office for input, and you can reach out to us for guidance as you tackle your shared storage location cleanup and embark on your own expedition into unstructured data territory.