Quick Steps allow you to take a process that requires multiple steps and combine them into one easy action. There are many possible uses for this tool, such as flagging a message and moving it into a folder, or forwarding a message to your entire work team, or creating a calendar item based on the message.

Create new Quick Step

In this example we will create a Quick Step email that can be used to quickly respond to an email that requests for your office hours.

  • In the Quick Steps pane in the Home tab select Create New
  • Choose a name for your Quick Step
  • Click the dropdown and choose Reply under the Respond heading
  • Click the link to Show Options right below and the screen will expand to add more options to the email
  • Choose a subject line, flag and/or importance, and enter in text regarding your office hours
  • Choose an Action to be completed after the Quick Step email is sent
    • You can choose to Delete the email immediately after sending or Set Retention Policy to delete the email after a certain period of time
  • Add a Shortcut Key to complete the Quick Step using a combination of key strokes.
  • Click Finish

Now when you receive a routine request for office hours, you can reply and delete all in one step! Either use your keyboard shortcut, or click on the Quick Step on the Home Tab.

Check out this video tutorial on more neat uses for Quick Steps!