Found a file that needs to be interfiled into a box already sent to the Records Center?

We will file it for you when the guidelines below are followed:

  • We will only interfile files, envelopes, or stapled packets of documents. Individual pages will not be interfiled.
  • The URC assigned box id#, which can be found on the Accession Confirmation, must be written on the file or on a sticky note attached to the file. Any files lacking a box id# will be returned back to the office.
  • If the box in which the file needs to be interfiled is already full, the file will be returned back to your office.
  • We will only do 10 interfiles a month per office. If you need to interfile more than 10 files a month, please make arrangements to visit the University Records Center to do the interfiling yourself.
  • Include department, contact person and phone number with each request.
  • Send the interfile request to the University Records Center Box 354910.