Listed below are the current slides of the various trainings we offer. If you have any questions regarding the material or would like us to present to your office, please call us at 206-543-0573.

Basic Records Management/New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation: Designed for new employees or for employees who would like a refresher of records management at the University of Washington.

Electronic Records and On Boarding/Off Boarding Employees

Electronic Records: Outlines the how and the why of managing your electronic records, including email.

eRecords and Employees: Tips on setting up electronic records for your department so new employees can easily be trained on continuing good departmental practices as well as advice on how to prepare for the exit of an employee for your department.

Email Best Practices

Email Best Practices: Managing email is everyone's responsibility. Learn how to manage email painlessly and efficiently.

Files Management 

Filing Systems and the General Schedule: Addresses how the General Schedule serves as the foundation for a good filing system and how to restructure a filing system to enable regular purging.

Files Management: Addresses the fundamentals of a good filing system, how to improve an existing filing system or create a new filing system.

Grant and Contract Records

Grant and Contract Records Explained: Focuses on grant, contract and supporting records and their retention.

HR and Payroll Records

Managing HR and Payroll Records: Busting the myths and confirming the truths of these record types. Also includes a flowchart on how to manage inherited files: what to purge; what to keep.

Moving Records

Records on the Move: Provides information on how to survive a move, with your sanity and records intact.


MyFinancial.desktop and Records Retention: provides information on how to apply the retention schedule to records retained on MyFinancial.desktop.

Retention Schedules

Using Retention Schedules: Addresses how to read the General Schedule and apply it to records.


Scanning Requirements at the UW Explained: Covers the legal and records management issues you need to consider before scanning.

Student Records

All about Student Records: Covers managing student records, specifically admissions, advising, student files, etc.

Vital Records

Vital Records: Provides information on how to identify the vital records within an office and the steps to protect and recover the records.