The University Records Center is a free service available to most of the University community. However, there are certain offices and records which are not eligible for storage because the responsibility for these records is not within the jurisdiction of our program.

The following departments or offices are not eligible to use the University Records Center:

  • The University Medical Center
  • Harborview
  • Children's Clinics affiliated with Harborview or the University Medical Center
  • Clinics involved in the treatment of patients

The following types of records are not eligible for storage:

  • Materials that are considered bio-hazards or in other ways physically hazardous
  • Research data for a research project that was conducted at:
    • University Medical Center
    • Harborview
    • Children’s Hospital
    • Veterans’ Affairs
  • Research data that contains patient clinical information that is also held within the patient’s medical file at one of the above named Hospitals.

If your office fits into one of the above criteria, please contact the UW Medicine Records Management for your record storage needs at 206-598-2242 or