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Training and OASIS Access

What are the requirements for access to the OASIS system?

You will need to complete two training programs: 1) General Inventory Procedures, and 2) OASIS Training. You will also need an access permission form signed by your manager.

Do I need to take the General Inventory Procedures Training?

Yes. It is required that you pass with a score of 70% before you will be set up for the OASIS training.

Do I need to register for the trainings?

You will not need to register for the General Inventory Procedures training. You may access it here. You will need to contact Equipment Inventory ( before you can begin the OASIS training.

Will I need to attend an in-person class?

No. All of our training is now online. Visit our OASIS Training & Access page for specifics.

Can I get read only access to OASIS?

Yes, but please note that it is very limited and will not work for inventory contacts wishing to make changes in the system.  Additional details can be found at our Read Only OASIS Access page.