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Surplus Property

An item has shown up in my department with a different department's inventory tag and I think we bought it from Surplus. What should I do?

Call Equipment Inventory at 543-4663. We can look the item up for you. This will provide us with its history and help us figure out how to move forward. If the item is accidentally in your area and was not a purchase from Surplus, we can contact the department of ownership to arrange for its return.

My department wants to consider buying some Surplus equipment. Where do I start?

Start by visiting Surplus Property's Purchasing and Sales website. Here you will find information on public auction dates, store hours, contact information, and parking. There's also an option to sign up for their mailing list, if interested.

What do I do if I have an inventorial Surplus purchase and I don't use OASIS?

Enter the information into our UW Equipment Information Card (Web Form). When you submit this web form, the information is sent directly to Equipment Inventory and we will enter it into OASIS for you.