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Why did Equipment Inventory reject my requisition for an 80-XXXX budget purchase and what can I do to fix it?

Any time a department orders equipment on a Fellowship (80-XXXX) budget, Equipment Inventory is required to see if the equipment is intended to stay at the UW permanently or if it is intended to be the fellow's personal property.  If the equipment is to become the fellow's personal property, please provide supporting documentation (award documentation or an email from the sponsor) stating the equipment may become the personal property of the Fellow and code the equipment as 05-40 Non-inventorial Equipment regardless of cost. If the equipment is to stay at the University, please state "Item will stay with the UW" in the comments and code as the appropriate 05-4X or 06-XX object code. 

How do I know if the Fellowship allows equipment?

It should be explicitly stated in the copy of the Fellowship.  Please verify what is allowed before making any purchases. 

What do I do if my department accidentally purchases something that the fellow is going to keep?

Immediately contact Equipjment Inventory at 543-4663 and we'll see what we can do to help you correct the error.

Can a department use the ProCard to purchase equipment on an 80-XXXX budget?

Yes, but they have to note that the item will remain UW property.  As a part of the ProCard approval process, EIO will check to make sure the student doesn't plan on keeping the item and will let them know to enter a note on the transaction that "This item will remain UW property.