Virtual Event Platform

The Cvent Attendee Hub is an integral part of Cvent's Platform, providing solutions to reliably and securely plan, promote, and drive engagement for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.  Pricing is $6 per attendee hub user and only charged as used. 

  • Engage attendees around the world in your live, in-person event for a hybrid experience
  • Deliver live or pre-recorded video with Cvent Video Conferencing to support your collaborative sessions, virtual appointments, and virtual meetings rooms
  • Showcase a consistent, fully branded experience, from your event website to registration to the virtual experience itself
  • Have an included Event App to engage your audiences on any screen
  • See the Attendee Hub in action
  • Explore the Attendee Hub features + pricing

Attendee Hub Roadmap

The below steps will occur simultaneously while your event website and registration are built and launched.  The Attendee Hub is designed to be available to your attendees no more than a few days prior to the event start date. 

STEP 1 | Request Attendee Hub Activation

Submit a few details of your event once it is determined attendee hub will be implemented for your virtual or hybrid event. 

STEP 2 | Kickoff Call

At least 6 weeks prior to the event start date, a kickoff call will be scheduled to review the following:

  • Define your goals
  • Align on your virtual session strategy
  • Collect detailed event information
  • Discuss your requirements
  • Understand your team’s proficiency with our solutions
  • Set the right expectations

From there, we’ll create an accurate timeline for you and prepare your team to begin configuring the Attendee Hub for your event.

STEP 3 | Onboarding & Build

At least 4 weeks prior to the event start date, we’ll provide the necessary training and materials, so that your team can configure the Attendee Hub
 - Complete the Attendee Hub onboarding learning path

 - Build the Attendee Hub for your event including:

  • Session configuration
  • Speaker configuration
  • Exhibitor and sponsor configuration
  • Appointments set up
  • Survey configuration
  • Graphics upload

Over a series of calls, we’ll work together to complete configuration at least 1 week before your event begins.

STEP 4 | Prepare for Launch

At least 1 week prior to the event start date we’ll do a dry run prep call, where we’ll:

  • Train your team on how to host dry runs with your hosts and speakers
  • Review the event planner experience
  • Dry run a live stream session, including reviewing the speaker, host, and attendee experiences
  • Dry run a collaborative session

From there, you’ll use the week leading up to your event to do the actual dry runs with hosts and speakers as you see fit.

STEP 5 | Event Day!

Your team is ready to deliver a great event and experience for attendees. If you need any help during your live event, the Cvent Customer Support team is your first line of defense. You can call and reach them around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 866-318-4357.